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Posted by Filius Flitwick

((This was first posted by someone other than myself on the 16th. I'm not sure that anyone saw it though (because I'll admit that I missed it ^^) anyhow... I'll post it again in the main community. Anyone who's interested in earning House Points would do well to add this account to their friends lists! ::mike::))

Ah I do so love a dance. Seeing the students so lively and excited is quite invigorating, I must say.

Now, for this to work properly we'll need some students to volunteer to chaperon the others, as well as do a little self-chaperon. We want you to have fun, but not too much fun, yes!? There's a time and a place for everything, after-all! ^_^

The reason is that despite our attempts at being absolutely approachable, some students still find it embarrassing to come to us Professors when in need. They feel much more at home talking to their fellow students.

We shouldn't need any more than three, and the first three to sign up in this bulletin get the job, so think carefully before you do, because your word is your bond! Your work won't go unrewarded! As well as doing a great service to your fellow classmates, I'll be giving 10 points to each.

Thank you, and remember to have fun, fun, fun! Oh yes, this is exciting!

~Filius Flitwick~
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