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Dillingham: Hart had finished his grading a little while ago and was now just wasting time before Snape came. If Snape was anything he was punctual, and of course, he counted on everyone else to be the same. In any event he knew Snape wouldn't be early or late, so he was jus going to have to find something to pass the time. He examined the Monopoly bored, until about 8:30, which was when he expected Snape. It was just going on 8:28 and was beginning to think very highly of himself, allowing himself to believe that although he had never played this bored game before, he had been examining it so long that he could play it with the best Monopoly Experts.

Snape: The Potions Master knocked on the door once at exactly 8:29 and waited. He was sure he was wasting his time, as there were various concoctions that needed still to be marked. Still, they could wait. It was nice to get out of the office, from time to time...

Dillingham: As he was trying to learn the secrets of rolling dice, he heard the knock. He took his pocket watch out of his pocket and checked the time.

"Well look at that..." He said to himself, "I forgot to wind it." he stuck it back in his pocket and answered the door, smiling jovially at Snape.

"Good evening, professor."

Snape: "Professor", Snape said with a terse nod. He glanced over to the open board game on the table. "And what's this?"

Dillingham: "It's a... uhm... It's a bored game, professor, Miss Fawcett lended it to me." He walked over to the table and lifted a piece into his hands, "these are the pieces."

Snape: Snape eyed the pieces coldly for a moment, before turning his eyes to Dillingham. "I expected Miss Fawcett to have more sense than to play with...Muggle toys. No doubt you put her up to it."

With a flourish of his robes, and turned to take a seat, using his wand to clear off any detritous in the way.

Dillingham: "More sense? What an unfortunate choice of words..." Dillingham shook his head, "You know, Professor, no student of mine is forced to take my class. I don't 'put' them 'up to' anything."

Hart sighed, "you don't even have the slightest idea what you're talking about."

Snape: Snape raised an eyebrow and looked Dillingham square in the eye, as if daring him to meet his gaze. "Granted, it is her own choice to play around with Muggle devices, but a proper pureblood young woman like her should know better. But honestly, is this why you invited me here?" He tented his fingers and a slight smile curved on his lips. "To insult me? Or do you have something else you'd like to say?"

Dillingham: "Who's to say what a pureblood should think or know?" He smiled a little, but did not look him in the eye.

"Well..." It had been hard for Hart to muster the courage to even begin really talking with Snape. He had respected him as a highly intelligent and talented person since he first started working here, and he had never thought to question any of his fellow teachers in their discretion, until now.

"You're methods are... They need... Uhm..."

Snape: "Cruel? Harsh? Unusual? Perhaps I need to temper my methods a little? Stay my hand?"

Snape's curled lips turned into a full on sneer.

"Make no mistake, Professor Dillingham, we are not these student's mothers or fathers. We are not here to coddle here, to soothe them or to make sure they are happy. We are here to impart our knowledge as best as their little minds can possibly retain it, and I have a lot of knowledge to impart. If it means a few of their tears it is worth it. They will all learn to appreciate it when they are older and employed, don't you agree?"

Dillingham: Hart was on the verge of yelling, but his fear of Snape kept him from doing so.

"You know... As long as we're throwing words out there... I have a few." He hesitated, but only for a second. "Biased. Unprofessional. Incomprehensable. I agree with what you're saying... We're not their nurses, we're their teachers... But sometimes it seems as though you'd let one of them get away with murder if it was a Slytherin who'd done it."

Snape: Snape's sneer widened, as true emotions came to the surface. "Tell me, Hart, have I actually let a Slytherin student get away with murder?"

Dillingham: Hart tried to answer, but no words came. No arguement that he felt he could get across.

Snape: Too difficult to answer? Let's try this then, has there ever been a case where I haven't given a student the marks they deserve, regardless of House? Granger, or Finch-Fletchley, or Corner for example?"

Dillingham: "Well... I'd say..."

Snape: "A tricky one, I know. How about a hypothetical then. If you're the hypothetical Headmaster of the most prestigious school in the country, perhaps the world, and you had in your employ a Professor who was 'Biased. Unprofessional and Incomprehensable,' would you keep them in your employ?"

Dillingham: "I know where you're going with this, and although I have the upmost respect for Dumbledore, and you, believe it or not, I think you need to change a little."

Snape: "Perhaps it's not I who need to change, Dillingham"

Snape rose to his feet and smoothed his robes, then he brought his hook nose up to Dillingham and again started him in the eye, yellow teeth showing slighty in a vicious grin. "Blink and the world passes you by. Pause to hug the children and they miss out and what's particularly important. This is not a nice or kind world we live in, Dillingham. Perhaps you'd do well to remember this, and change accordingly, let you are forced to."

Then he backed up a little and glanced again at the Muggle bored game. Honestly...

"Have you chaperoned any student functions before, Professor? Do you have any idea how the students can get if not closely monitored. Potter especially."

((We're going to continue the RP tonight.))
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