Hermione Granger (krums_cake) wrote in hoggywarts_rpg,
Hermione Granger

Self RP

Who: Hermione Granger
Where: In her room
When: Evening, after everyone is asleep

Hermione lay awake, going through a list of potion ingredients and their purposes in her head. She bit her lip as her mind kept wandering away. After forgetting where she was once again, she sat up, annoyed.

Her hand reached for her night stand, and she grabbed a small object off of it and held it up to the moonlight.

It told her where those who were dear to her were at that very moment.

She stared at it for what seemed like a long time, the gears in her head turning and grinding, until suddenly she threw the pocketwatch at the wall, causing it to smash.

Startled by her actions, Hermione looked around furtively to see if she had woken anyone up. She grabbed her wand and quickly whispered an incantation, which pulled all the pieces of the little clock back together and back into Hermione's hand.

She hoped no one had woken up because of that. Gulping nervously, she set her wand and the pocketwatch back on her night stand and lay back down, blinking back tears and wishing she could sleep.
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