Professor Severus Snape (veritamaster) wrote in hoggywarts_rpg,
Professor Severus Snape

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Occlumency 201

Who: Severus Snape, and Harry Potter.
When: Friday, after Supper
Where: Snape's Office.

Severus stood over the shallow old pensieve and began to siphon thoughts and memories from his mind to it with his wand. So, Dumbledore still thought it dangerous for the boy to open his mind to the Dark Lord in his presence. Even so, he rather not go through the experience of attempting to impart knowledge on that feeble minded little idiot, a position he had made known throughout the Summer.

Dumbledore would rather teach the boy, but for now, this was the safest method.


The last vital memory hung from the wand in a shining gossamer strand, before slipping off and dipping into the bowl.

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