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Harry Potter

Cho: Cho was at the courtyard, early as usual. She sat down on one of the seats outside, and started wringing her hands...what was she doing?? How could she tell Harry that she still like him...no, that was not the point of this meeting. The point was to tell him she was sorry for everything and to ask exactly what she had done...she looked up to see if she could see him coming

Harry: And here he came, conveniently enough. Harry had brought his broom (which was resting over his shoulder, gripped firmly in his hand.) He wasn't sure if he should bring it but he was determined to get out and practise a bit afterwords.

Yeah, that's the story... sure. It didn't have anything to do with the fact that aside from Quidditch (and then some other, rather disagreeable subjects) he just wasn't sure how to talk to her really. A fact made painfully clear by the fiasco that became last year's Valentine's Day.

Harry half put up a hand as if to wave, but he didn't really shake it much if it was a wave. He made his way over to Cho and took a seat near her, on the ground.

Cho: "Hi Harry," Cho said. "How are you?"

Harry: Harry smiled and looked her in the eye... ok fine, almost in the eye.

"Good, and you?" Why did this feel so formal? Well whatever the reason, it was most likely Harry's fault. Harry placed his broom upon his lap and sort of fingered at the twigs nervously. He simply couldn't look at her face and avoid thinking about Cedric at the same time.

"Sorry, that was a bit formal. Really, how are you?" He said with a bit more compassion this time.

Cho: "Pretty good," Cho said, not exactly looking at him either. "I wanted to...well...um...talk to you...look Harry, I'm really sorry for what happened between us. I didn't mean to hurt you at all and I have no idea what I was thinking. Nothing was your fault at all, it was all mine..." She stopped and looked up at Harry. "I really am sorry," she said, looking back down at her hands. "And I'm sorry that I hurt you."

Harry: Harry looked stunned for a moment. Was she going to start crying? Was he? No, they mustn’t. Harry swallowed hard and shook his head a bit. "Well, it was your defence of Marietta last year that upset me more than anything else. But after a long summer of thinking about it all I've realised that you were just trying to be loyal to your friend. You put yourself in her shoes. That's more than I can say for myself."

Cho: "Harry..." Cho started. "Harry, you're a great person. Everyone admires you and looks up for you. You always look out for everyone..." She was silent for awhile, and looked everywhere but at Harry.

Harry: Harry winced at her praise. Obviously it made him feel good to know that that's how she thought of him but her ability to judge a person's character seemed to be questionable at best to Harry. "Look, I really don't deserve any of it." He said, completely unable to simply take the praise, thank her and be done with it. Harry was starting to get that sickish feeling in his stomach...

"Anyhow, it's just not anything I really enjoy talking about, you know?" Harry realised (a bit too late) that his comments probably sounded a little angrier than he really would have wanted them to. Oh well.

Cho: Why did I think he could still like me? Cho wondered. I guess the least I can do it tell him...Cho sighed. "Well, everything I've said is true Harry," she said, her eyes downcast. "You're a great guy...and I'm sorry for anything I've done to hurt you. You didn't...and still don't, deserve that." She looked up. "Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that. We haven't talked much lately and I've...well missed you."

Harry: Harry's heart skipped a beat and began to throb... It was just... wonderful ...to hear her say those words. Harry's face went flush and he looked up at Cho. "You've missed me?" He thought for a moment, seizing on the 'perfect thing to say'

"...uh, I've missed you too." Drat! ...Damn that 'uh'.

Harry smiled weakly and really looked at Cho. Most certainly in the eye this time.

Cho: "Have you really?" Cho blurted out. She couldn't believe it...maybe...no, she wouldn't push now. Maybe after awhile they could talk about it. She looked into his eyes and missed getting lost in his emerald green eyes. They were so beautiful...she mentally shook herself. "Well...maybe we can hang out some more..." she looked down at the broom in his lap. "Were you going out to practice?" she asked.

Harry: Harry laughed a little... "Yeah, why not? You know, things happen, people change... We've both apologised. All's well in my mind." He didn't really believe that though, Harry and Cho had some issues that needed to be worked out... Later.

For now though... "Yeah, I wanted to get a little practise in, I haven't really been on the pitch since trials, which I suppose wasn't too long ago but... well..." Harry took a sideways expression "...well you understand, I'm sure."

Harry got a wicked (almost Malfoy-esque) smile on his face. "You should come, 'right? Honestly, if you couldn't beat Ginny to the Snitch last year then you most certainly won't be able to beat me to it this year." He laughed but his face quickly turned sour once he looked to see her reaction... "Ah, still a little sensitive about that? Right then, sorry" Dammit Harry! Smooth, real smooth.

Cho: Cho smiled. "Riiiight," she said. "I've been practicing a lot more lately, so you better watch out," she gave him a wink. "Let me go up and change into some practice clothes and get my broom." With that she stood up and started to walk away. "By the way," she said, without looking back. "Maybe we can talk some other time about...everything else." She continued on her way back to her dorm room.

Harry: Harry smiled at her and the sickish stomached thing flared inside of him. He lifted a hand as if to wave goodbye, yet with similar results as the wave hello... (read: mostly un-waving...)

"Yeah, I'll see you there..." He said, perhaps a bit too quietly for her to hear. Harry turned on his heel and made his way to the pitch.

Cho: Cho got to her dorm and sat down for awhile. Harry and she really hadn't talked things out...but then again, it was a step that they were talking. She smiled to herself. Who knew? Maybe something could happen...but she made the mistake of looking over at her dresser and seeing a picture of herself and Michael and her heart dropped. Michael...I love Michael... she said to herself...but did she really? She sighed. Worry about that later she thought to herself, as she changed into an old pair of jeans and a T-shirt. She grabbed her broom and headed out toward the Quidditch field.

Part 2: "Harry Potter and the Awkward (Yet Somehow Fun) Practise Session" Coming Soon!
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