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Harry Potter

Backdated: This happened on Saturday after Harry and Cho's chat in the Courtyard.

Cho: Cho got to her dorm and sat down for awhile. Harry and she really hadn't talked things out...but then again, it was a step that they were talking. She smiled to herself. Who knew? Maybe something could happen...but she made the mistake of looking over at her dresser and seeing a picture of herself and Michael and her heart dropped. Michael...I love Michael... she said to herself...but did she really? She sighed. Worry about that later she thought to herself, as she changed into an old pair of jeans and a T-shirt. She grabbed her broom and headed out towards the Quidditch field.

*Meanwhile, high above the Pitch...*

Harry: The wind was tossing the ends of Harry's robes behind him as he chased the snitch about the pitch. And it seemed that he hadn't really lost his touch. Within ten minutes he'd already caught it (granted there wasn't the regular chaos of a match going on around him, so ...heh... yeah...) He wound up and tossed the tiny glittering ball into the air again as he spotted Cho approaching the pitch.

"Hey!" He yelled.

Cho: Cho looked up and saw Harry already practicing. She mounted her broom and zoomed off towards Harry. "Up for a go?" she asked, a smile on her face.

Harry: Harry couldn't do anything other than beam back at her. (Not that he would if he could, mind you.) Leaning forward ever so slightly on his broom Harry sidled up next to her position. "Yeah. I'll count to three. It's somewhere around here..." That determined look spread across his features...

"One... two..."

Cho: When Harry said three, Cho didn't move. Instead, she looked around the field, looking for that shiny golden Snitch. She saw something towards the other end of the field and zoomed toward it. Harry was right next to her, but she zoomed in and out of the seats.

Harry: Harry felt the thrill of competition filling his body... then his mind. Soon all thoughts of worry and woe were wiped from the foremost part of his memory. He dipped his altitude a bit and was soon directly underneath Cho. With a brief upward tug on his broom handle, Harry came up to Cho's altitude. Now it's not as if he were trying to hit her broom handle with his back, but if it happened... well... it might not have been entirely on accident. Quidditch is a rough sport. ^^

Cho: Cho saw Harry go under and started to come up. "Nice try!" she yelled, as she moved out of the way. She pulled up along side him and bumped into him, close enough so he could hear her. "Such a difference from our first game together..." she said, as she remembered how careful Harry played around her then. She zoomed ahead and went through one of the hoops and turned around again, to chase after the Snitch.

Harry: He grinned, she was good... But he knew he was better... didn't he..? ok, maybe not. Harry had been forced to brake away from the tight formation they had been flying in when Cho zipped through the ring. "Erraugh!" He pulled into a quick forward somersault and was on her tail again in no time.

Cho: "Whoa..." Cho said, as she looked behind her. "That was crazy Harry!" She hunched closer to her broom and zoomed off again. She looked around for the Snitch and saw it hovering below her. She took a quick dive and raced after it.

Harry: Harry followed suit and pushed down on his broom handle, falling into a death-defying dive of his own. They both raced toward the ground with incredible speed.

Just a handful of meters from the ground, the snitch took an odd turn and Harry did his best to follow it without crashing. It was a lot easier to go after the snitch without the 13 other players everywhere (not to mention the Bludgers!) but Cho was putting up a good fight so far. Maybe she really had been practising! A lot!

Cho: The sudden turn the Snitch gave almost made Cho crash into the ground, but she was able to recover at the last moment. whew she thought to herself. That was close. And I don't want to mess up with Harry watching me. She had lost sight of the Snitch, she she pulled upside next to Harry. "See, I told you I've been practicing she said, casually sitting on her broom. "Although I must say, you're giving me a run for my money!"

Harry: Harry swung around and hovered a bit, his eyes spot checking the sky for any sign of the snitch. "Well when haven't I given you a run for your money?" he replied, facing her. He smiled slightly as the snitch appeared over her shoulder, right behind her. He inched closer, glancing between the snitch, Cho's face and the surrounding sky. It didn't look like she knew that it was behind her... then again, was it a trick?

Cho: Cho had a hunch that the Snitch was right behind her, but she didn't care. All she saw was Harry's eyes and that he was slowly coming closer to her.

Harry: Harry was really... confused about things. A lot of things, actually. He would never want to steal another guy's girlfriend but he was having a pretty good time with Cho. It was the first time they'd really hung out as friends, just the two of them. Sure there was the occasional meeting in the halls but they hadn't ever really spent time together like this. Harry's thoughts raced through his mind at a million miles a second as he drifted up to Cho. It was an odd angle since he had to avoid getting poked by her broom handle and vice-verse.

He looked Cho in the eyes, his gaze darting back and forth between them and the snitch. She looks like she wants to kiss me... But she couldn't, could she? Why would she? Have I really forgiven her? Does it matter? The snitch whizzed around in a small circle as if it were about to take off. Harry closed his eyes and moved in to give Cho a soft kiss on the corner of her lips.

Cho: Cho didn't know what to think. She wanted the kiss so much...she closed her eyes and moved closer to Harry to meet in a small kiss. She pulled back, opened her eyes, and smiled.

Harry: As did Harry. He pulled back (completely stunned,) holding the snitch much too loosely in his hand. We kissed. She wanted to kiss me. Did that just happen? There were a thousand new thoughts and worries that filled his mind and with a small wriggle the snitch broke free from his hold, zooming off into the distance...

Cho: Michael Cho thought all of a sudden..."Oh no," she whispered. She flew back to the ground. It's true she thought to herself. I like Harry...but how do I tell Michael? And what if Harry doesn't feel the same?

Harry: Harry just hovered there for a while mulling over what had just happened. He made his way down to the ground. "Erm... Yeah... sorry...(?)"

Cho: Cho looked up. "It's ok," she said, looking up at Harry. It's not your fault.

Harry: Harry looked down and shuffled his feet a bit. He would need to work this all out with her but now might not be the best time.

Cho: Cho looked up at Harry and immediately felt bad. She had made Harry think what he did was wrong, when it really wasn't...she reached out and grabbed his hand, squeezing it just a little. "Harry, this isn't you fault and what you did wasn't wrong. I just need some time to figure things out on my own...but when I do, can we talk?"

Harry: Harry wanted to say a million things, 'It was just a tactic!', or 'It was more than wrong!', perhaps 'I'm horrible!' actually anything other than...

"I know..."

Harry nervously smoothed his robes and fiddled with his hair a bit. This was good... yet bad... yet... oh forget it, he had no idea what this was.

"Sure Cho, that'll be good actually."

Cho: She smiled back at him and stood up. "I need to go...but I do...but..." She sighed. "I like you Harry...I still do...but, I need to figure things out...I'm sorry," she said. She turned to leave

Harry: Harry only responded with his (now trademark) weak wave...

"Right, later then..."

Cho: Cho couldn't take it. I can't believe I said that! she thought to herself. She ran the rest of the way back to her room.

Harry: Great... He'd kissed her and now she was running away. Harry did his best to forget about it all for the time being. There was the school snitch to be caught after all! He mounted his broom and kicked off from the ground... Now, where was that snitch?!

*fade out*
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