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Who: Harry Potter and Sylvie Fawcett
When: Monday, September 20, 1996, 2nd period
Where: The Astronomy classroom

Sylvie: "And remember, just because you're working in pairs doesn't mean I don't expect your work to be top notch," Sinistra tells us as she breaks us up into partners.

Surprisingly enough, I'm assigned to work with Harry Potter. I haven't really had much to do with him until this year when I'd talked to him several times through these new journals. He seems like a good bloke, though. Not bad looking, either. I grab my bag and move across the room to where he's sitting.

"Right then. You any good at Astronomy?"

Harry: "Actually..." I murmur, trying to piece together the best way of saying this... "I... could... use a little work. To be honest." The assignment seemed a bit difficult and really, I've never been any good at this.

I pull my star chart from my bag and unroll it onto the table. "You're a Ravenclaw so I'd bet you do well." I say, scanning the star chart.

Sylvie: "Well enough, I suppose. It's not as interesting as Charms," I say off handedly as I pull out my own star chart.

However, I look at Harry's star chart, and it's easy to see where he's gone wrong. "Here, I tell him, pointing out his mistake, "You put this constellation too far over to the left, that's why you can't seem to fit Andromeda in..." I lean over as I point, sneaking a sidelong glace at Harry. No, not bad at all. I wonder if he really was serious about not going to the ball.

Harry: "Ohhhhh! Great! That makes sense..." I say, before fixing up my star chart. Hmmm... She's nice... I look over to the board and read the question for the day.

'Olber's paradox: If you look out, line of sight should eventually hit a star. Like looking through forest - eventually blocked by a tree. Sky should be as bright as surface of star. Why isn't it?"

Gah, my head hurts from just reading it. I glance between the question and my star chart, then up to Sylvie... "Ehhh... Yeah."

Sylvie: "Well the universe is finite, of course," I say, staring at the astoundingly easy question. "So one really couldn't look on forever."

Harry: I stand dumbfounded for a second. That was so unfair... Why did it come so easily to other people. I guess it could be because they study... "Well, maybe it also has something to do with the colour of the Universe too..." I say, trying to contribute something.

"Didn't she say something about how light years upon light years of empty space puts a slight red shift on the spectrum of visual light? Maybe it could support that theory...?" Drat, I seriously don't have a clue.

Sylvie: I shake my head, "No, I don't believe so. There is a difference between the finite age of the Universe and its size, but that really has nothing to do with red shifts."

Harry: I look toward the floor. I knew I shouldn't say anything... drat... I look back up to Sylvie and smile weakly. "Heh, guess you're right..." I look back down... "Maybe I just dreamed that or something. No matter, I'll take your word for it." I write our answer down on our parchment and with a glance to Sylvie, fold it in half. She's probably right about all this.

Sylvie: He looks so downtrodden and I feel sorry I answered so succinctly. That's why Jerome and Claude and Annette call you arrogant, Sylvie, I think to myself. Okay, all right, I can fix this.

"It was a rather good idea, though," I tell him, trying to sound sincere. It's obviously not working, so I fiddle with a corner of our parchment and try to change the subject. " don't like dances then? Is that why you aren't planning on going?"

Smooth, Sylvie, really smooth. Normally I have no problems talking to boys, but I usually don't make them feel bad about classwork either.

Harry: "I don't know. I guess I don't have anything against dances. It's just that I've been... distracted lately." Why am I acting so creepy?! This is an opportunity to make friends, Harry! Don't mess up! "Too distracted to worry about finding a date anyhow... And I don't know that it'd be much fun to go by myself. Anyway, I think my best friends Ron and Hermione'll end up going with one another, though Ron says it's all rubbish.... I don't wanna get in the way, you know?" I look up at Sylvie...

Sylvie: "I think Ron and Hermione have a textbook case of denial. They obviously really want each other," I say before realising exactly what I've said and who I've said it to. I clap my hand over my mouth quickly, blushing. All right, let's fix this, let's fix this.

"Um, well, I haven't" picked my victim for this dance yet. No, that sounds bad! "Uh, gotten a date yet, so if you actually wanted to go I would go with you." Well that sounded good. But it's not like he hasn't been in my classes and I'm sure my reputation precedes me.

This would have been so much easier if I'd had just found Stebbins like I was planning. Instead of this mess of a conversation with Harry Potter.

Harry: Did... who... what? "Look, if you're just doing this because you feel sorry for me you don't need to, really." I mutter... But she actually looks serious about it so I gather up my courage and continue... "Eaaugh... Sorry. I've been a little defensive lately. Not your fault. If you'd like to go with me it'd be my pleasure." I say smiling... "I'll tell you straight away that I'd rather just go as friends..." drat drat drat! "...Erm, a friendly date, no pressure for... well... just no pressure, yeah?" God Harry, you're in a right state. Who wouldn't want to go with you. Oh yeah, everybody. "We can see what develops." Damn, that didn't make things better! I shuffle my feet nervously... "Thanks for asking me though... I think that I actually feel better about it now. We'll have a good time, yeah."

Sylvie: I let out a giggle I didn't realise I was holding in. "No, no pressures, no worries. Snogging in the bushes is always nice, but certainly not required." Mon Dieu! That was...argh. Hufflepuffs are so much easier to talk to. "I mean, there wouldn't be pressure anyway. I'm just looking to have a good time for the night really, no worries. And I think it would be fun. You seem like a very nice guy, so...friends, yeah. Until you see me in my dress robes and realise I'm the only woman you could ever want...kidding! Kidding!"

He seems normal, but at the same time he's Harry Potter and my normal flirting techniques feel...bizarre. You really need to cut back on that, Sylvie Renée, I tell myself silently.

Harry: "Hehe hehe... Great!" I say, blushing a bit. There was a lot of Gryffindor courage somewhere inside of me but perhaps it was talking a nap at the moment... "Well, we should hand this in then, eh?" I pick up the parchment and motion toward Professor Sinistra, shooting Ron, (who's got an odd look on his face) a quick glance from across the room.

Sylvie: "Right, right. I think We've got the question covered pretty well, then," I add a wave to Sinistra too, and she comes over and collects our assignment. "Then I guess I'll see you..."

Harry: "Yeah, I'll see you at the dance ...or... before. Right." Facepalm. I manage a smile, pack up my star chart and the spare parchment I had out. As Sinistra dismisses the class I move to meet back up with Ron and Hermione.
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