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Who: Pansy Parkinson and (npc) Draco Malfoy (npc'd by rubbish_crucio)
Where: Slytherin Common Room
When: Evening

(npc) Draco: There sat Draco, carefully examining his finely trimmed fingernails as he relaxed on the sofa in his common room under the lake. So, Pansy though she knew how to perform this charm, did she? Well then. She'd become a very powerful witch indeed... What better way to really get under Potter's skin? All that they would need to work out was who to use..? All in good time he thought silently. He heard the door open and looked up to see Pansy making her way inside...

Pansy: Pansy saw that Draco was already there. "I've figured it out," she said. "Look." She reached for Draco's arm.

(npc) Draco: As Pansy reached for his arm he pulled it back quickly. "Wait. As I'm certain that this goes without saying... still, are you quite sure you can remove it, Pansy? The last thing I need is for that crotchety old fool to expel me." Draco looked up at her...

Pansy: "Don't worry," Pansy said, annoyance in her voice. "Trust me, I know what I'm doing." She pulled back the sleeve and muttered an incantation. A green spark flew from her wand to Draco's arm. A moment later, a black mark came up on his skin...The Dark Mark

(npc) Draco: He just... sat there for a while. Admiring it as if it were some sort of new power or ability in and of itself. Draco smoothed his thumb over the mark. "Impressive." He said, the corner of his lip curling. "Very realistic actually."

Pansy: Pansy smirked. "I told you I could do it," she said. "And watch," she said another incantation and a spark of red flew out and the mark was gone. Nothing was left on the skin, not even a faint outline.

(npc) Draco: "Excellent." Draco said, matching her smirk with one of his own. "Well all that's left to decide now is who the lucky one will be..." Draco sat deep in thought for a moment. "Bloody wish we could give it to the Mudblood but she's bound to figure a way to remove it. Not as if Potter would believe she'd secretly joined with the Death Eaters anyhow. The Dark Lord would never allow it." Draco's finger tapped his chin for a moment... "It'll need to be somebody close enough to him for him to be concerned... But someone who he doesn't actually know all that much about. Perhaps a girl. One of his adoring fans. It would be nice to get his date to the dance with it before the dance happens... He'll be crying harder than ever... I can hear him now 'Boo-hoo-hoo! I took a Death Eater to the dance and I have a big boo-boo on my head! Pity me please, I'm famous you know.'"

Pansy: "I know!" Pansy said. "Cho Chang! That little goody two shoes love Potter! And he fancies her as well...although both won't admit it." She laughed and clapped her hands together. "It will be perfect! Can't you see it now?" She put on a sad, pitiful face (as pitiful a face as Pansy could do). 'Harry, I don't know anything about it, honestly Harry!'. She laughed. "It will be brilliant!"

(npc) Draco: Draco smiled... "That was Diggory's girlfriend before Potter let him die, wasn't it? And she's Head Girl now." Draco pondered the deviousness of it for a minute... "Yes, he always did seem to be a bit awkward around her... and their journal entries have been quite... interesting lately. Call it a plan then, Pansy. Great work, honestly, if only every student could show similar aptitude in their independent studies."

Pansy: Pansy smiled at Draco's compliment...well, the closest thing to a compliment that she had received. "One problem," she said. "How do we do it?"

(npc) Draco: Draco thought about it for a while... "Well, you're really the expert on how the hex works... Let me ask you, do you think that you could properly perform the incantation at a low whisper?" Draco looked down the hallway to the boy's dorms... "Perhaps with a bit of practise, hmm...? Crabbe and Goyle are at your complete disposal, should you require an over-grown guinea pig or two."

Pansy: Pansy smiled. "Yes...a whisper would work," she said. "Where are those two doofs anyway? Let's give it a go."

(npc) Draco: "If all else fails you could simply shoot it across the tables during breakfast or something. She seems a bit slow if you ask me, as do most of the students here. It shouldn't prove too difficult a task." Draco looked down the hall again... "They've been sent away for the time being. Honestly I don't know if if could stand another conscious moment in the same room as them..."

Pansy: "Let's go find them," she said. "I want to try it in secret. I don't think I"ll be able to stand up in the Grand Hall and shoot it across the room in front of everyone."

(npc) Draco: Draco sighed heavily. "Very well." How could he say no to that face? He stood, offering his arm to escort her into the boys dorm. "Beware though, Nott might be in one of his little moods again."

Pansy: Pansy took his arm and let herself be led into the room. "I haven't even seen Nott," she said. "How is he?" They walked into the room and she scanned the room until she saw the two lumps sitting on one bed, stuffing their faces. She rolled her eyes. "You go distract them while I sneak up behind and try it," she said.

(npc) Draco: Draco didn't answer the question about Theodore. They... didn't get along too well, their fathers knew each other and they were both just as pure as the other. This meant that Draco couldn't really boss him around, which put a real damper on the relationship as far as Draco was concerned. He nodded and walked in front of the duo, snapping his fingers in their faces, listen up boys." Draco snatched Crabbe's snack with one hand and smacked Goyle's out of his mouth with the other. He took a sniff of Crabbe's food and pulled it away from his nose in disgust... any time now, Pansy.

Pansy: As Malfoy was talking to his cronies, Pansy quietly walked up behind Crabbe and whispered the incantation as quietly as possible. Green sparks flew from the end of her wand and sure enough, the mark shown on Crabbe's arm. She smiled and looked up at Draco

(npc) Draco: Draco smiled. "What just happened, Crabbe?"

"Uhh, what?" He replied.

"Good, you didn't feel a thing then?"

"Was I supposed to?"

"No, now shut up and pull up your left hand sleeve." And as Crabbe pulled up said said sleeve he and the collected congregation would find the mark, freshly hexed on his arm. Crabbe just stared at it for a moment... Goyle however was too busy retrieving his snack to notice anything.

"Uhh, uhh, Drayko? I don't remember being..."

"Shut up you idiot" Draco snapped back. He looked to Pansy. "Well that was simple enough, wasn't it?"

Pansy: "Well, considering how smart these two are..." she said. "Though i suppose if I get Chang during a meal, I can sneak under a table and do it...can you distract?"

(npc) Draco: "Sneak under a table?! The things we'll do for a good prank. Well I'm fine with it if you are."

Pansy: "How else are we going to do it Draco?" Pansy said. "It will work fine..." she rubbed her hands together. "Now when shall we do it?"

(npc) Draco: "The sooner the better, I'd say." Draco thought... "Why not tomorrow morning, hmm...?"

"Drayyyko? What's going on?"

"Look shut up, shut up already!

Pansy: "Yes, sounds perfect!" Pansy said. "I'll meet you in the commons early...Chang likes to get there early." Pansy looked at Draco and smiled. "This will be perfect. It's been too quiet around here."

(npc) Draco: "Far too quiet..." He said menacingly. "How does six am sound?" Pansy nodded. "Wonderful." Draco stood a moment, wondering if he should even bother to ask her to remove the mark but Crabbe continued to whimper.

"But I... aye'll bee expullhelled for sure..." He sniffled...

"Pansy, if you please? I need to sleep in here tonight." Draco said with a disdainful glance at his lackey.

Pansy: Pansy rolled her eyes. "It would have been so much fun," she muttered. She said the counter curse and it vanished. "So, 6 tomorrow it is," she said, as she turned around and headed back to the commons.

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