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Snape's TA?

Tonks: Tonks set out for Hogwarts in the morning with her few belongings at hand. It was the weekend, at the very least, which worked out in her favor, as her move would not further add to the busy routine of a normal school day. Her living quarters were situated in the eastern wing of the castle, although it had been a while since she truly roamed through the halls of Hogwarts, and for a while she wandered about, looking for a good place to start the search for her chambers

Dillingham:Hart had heard from someone that there was a new TA coming to the school. He walked around the different wings, around the chambers, wondering which would be occupied. He was told that the TA would be assisting Snape and felt it was his duty to make sure this person knew what they were getting themselves into.

Tonks:"I should have put in more effort into reading maps," Tonks muttered to herself as she unknowingly wandered through the corridor of the northern part of the castle. She wondered if she was reading the map upside-down, although upon flipping the piece of parchment over, she found it to look the same as before - maps conveyed nothing to her but a mess of lines and squiggles. She sighed a bit despondently and looked about to see if there was anyone present who could assist her...

Dillingham: It was fortunate that Hart didn't know where to begin looking for his mark or he might have endlessly waited in the eastern for Tonks to show up, and not know why she hadn't. As he began to sweep the Northern part of the castle, he saw her and knew instantly that not only was she not a student, she didn't seem to know her way around. He walked up behind her slowly, playing with the idea to tap her on her shoulder to get her attention but realising that this was Snape's TA and if she was anything like him, he might lose his fingers.

"May I help you, miss?"

Tonks: "Lost, lost, lost," said Tonks to herself as she studied the map, and so focused was she on deciphering the tiny legend in the lower right-hand corner of the map that she did not even acknowledge the echoing footsteps that were quickly approaching her. She jumped at the voice and spun round, yelping in surprise. She sighed with relief upon finding herself face-to-face with a somewhat gangly young man, and from his manner of dress, she assumed him to be an instructor rather than a student.

"Sorry about that," she laughed. "I was wondering if you can help me find my way around here..."

Dillingham: "Yes, yes. Willing and able." He extended his hand to her and waited her to shake it. "Muggle Studies Professor Hart Dillingham, at you service... Miss..."

Tonks: "N....Ny....N..." She could not bring herself to utter that atrocious name, and she visibly shuddered from the mere thought of it. She bit her bottom lip as she quietly composed her thoughts, and a brief moment of awkward silence passed before she shook his extended hand and answered jovially, "Tonks, Professor Dillingham. I will be assisting Prof. Snape this school year."

Dillingham: Hart politely excused the stuttering and didn't ask why she had done it. He merely smiled at her and nodded.

"Oh! Right. I heard from Professor McGonagell." He pulled his arm back after the shake and folded his arms across his chest. He leaned over the map and looked at it, "Well... Where are you sleeping? Do you know which side?"

Tonks:"I was told that I was going to be residing in the eastern wing," she replied. "My trunks have apparently been sent there already, although I fear that I am quite lost at the moment. At least I think I am." Tonks looked around a bit - the corridors all look the same. "Where am I exactly?"

Dillingham:"Eastern side?" He said, smiling, "This is the Northern side, you're only a little bit off. Maybe you have the map sideways."

Suddenly, he started walking down the hall and beckoned for her to follow him and he would lead her to her chambers, thinking he had a good idea of where her room was.

Tonks: She smiled gratefully and followed him down the hall. After two hours of wandering aimlessly about, so relieved was she at this sudden change in events that she stared at the professor with a look that was almost hero worship, and she chattered excitedly to him about the random and varied things that happened to pop into her mind.

Dillingham: It was wonderful to have her as company. Up to this point Hart had been the youngest adult in the entire school and now he finally had someone to relate to. He smiled as she talked with him and spoke with her, but in the back of his mind he couldn't help but think that she might not make it for very long if she was assisting Snape and that she might leave early when she found out what a git he was.

"Erm... How well do you know Professor Snape?"

Tonks: A rather mischievous grin crossed her face at the mention of the infamous potions master. If only he knew, Tonks thought to herself, although such things were better kept in secret. "Well, was also my potions teacher during my years at Hogwarts," she replied at last.

"Quite tolerable, I deem..."

Dillingham: Hart shook his head and couldn't help but mutter in a barely audible voice, "Try working with the git." He was still sore about the other night and found it difficult to say anything too nice, but he still respected him, it was too hard not to. He looked at Tonks as the were beginning to approach the room.

"He's brilliant.." He wanted so badly to say something bad about Snape, but he didn't want to turn her off to the idea of working here and he certainly didn't want to be too bitter, so he just left it at that.

Tonks: "Brilliant, yet insufferable at times," smirked Tonks in amusement as they approached her assigned room. "I fear that we are both dreading this little arrangement....perhaps the good potions master more than I." She shrugged her shoulders casually. "Oh well...what can you do?"

She opened the large wooden door to her chambers and peered inside. It was spacious, certainly moreso than what she was accustomed to at the very least, and true enough, all of her trunks and belongings were neatly arranged in the middle of the room. She turned back to Dillingham. "Well thank you, Professor, for helping me out. Knowing me, I have probably given myself a nice tour of the campus grounds had I tried to find my room on my own."

Dillingham: "Well, now you'll know you're way to the great hall tomorrow. You know, there'll be a dance there tomorrow and surely you don't want to miss it." He smiled, as he stepped into her room and looked around, "I'm chaperoning the dance with Professor Snape and Professor Sprout."

He pointed at the bed where the trunks were set, "those must be yours."

Tonks: "Yes, those are mine," she replied, nodding to the stack of trunks. "Mostly books, mind you. I will have my work cut out for me when it comes to reviewing my potions notes. Who knows what Prof. Snape will throw at the students come Monday."

A dance... She rolled the thought about dancing in her mind for a bit. "A dance...I remember those. I would usually stand in one place all night during those functions..."

Dillingham: Hart shrugged a little, "Stand around? How horrible." he grinned a little, "They didn't throw many dances when I went to school. I probably would have done the same thing though. I didn't often go to them. Studied mostly." He chuckled a little, "I was quite the loser in my school days."

Tonks: "Well...you're a professor now!" she grinned broadly. "You're not a lost cause anymore." She quickly steadied a tall stack of books with her hands after brushing into them, saving herself one literary mess and potential embarrassment. "As for me, I'll admit that I'm a klutz at best. At worst I am a walking disaster. Prof. Snape would have told you as much had you asked him. The dance...I might attend, I suppose...although most likely I would as usual stand around, being quite still and all. Wouldn't want to hurt anyone, you know."

Dillingham: "Except maybe if you danced." He joked innocently about her clumsy self and tried to assist her with the books as well as he could, not all together sure what she was doing.

"I actually don't care being around Professor Snape. Myabe we can each chaperone different sides of the room. We'd be better off."

Tonks: "If I danced," she corrected as she backed a safe distance away from the stack of books, only to bump into a trunk behind her. "As you can see, I am still a lost cause when it comes to anything involving movement." She stepped out onto a less cluttered part of the floor, her hands behind her back, lest that she might make a mess out of the neat pile of trunks, grinning rather sheepishly at Dillingham.

"But attend the dance...I think I will. You might even be able to use me to ward off Professor Snape," she joked. "I doubt he would be happy to see me on school grounds again...."

Dillingham: "What a brilliant idea. We'll have to stick together. Between the two of us he is bound to keep a safe distance." He started sorting the books alphabetically in her book shelf as he spoke. "And maybe..." He choked a little and stopped, not being able to build the nerve to ask her to be his date. He wasn't that brave.

Tonks: The thought of her as a force field against Snape was rather amusing - sort of like the "sci-fi comic books" Arthur has shown to her on occasion - and she nearly chortled as she carried another pile of books over to shelf. She noted his actions and also began to sort the books alphabetically by title as she shelved them, smirking in reply as he spoke to her. She arched a brow at him when he stopped abruptly. "And maybe what?" she asked

Dillingham: "Maybe... Uhm... I don't know." He dropped a book absent mindedly, and as he started picking it up he just blurted. "Maybe you'd let me escort you to the dance." He rose and continued putting books away, not expecting to have his invite accepted. It would be the first time he hadn't been shot down.

Tonks: She walked back and stooped down to take another pile of books into her arms. "Sure thing," she replied as she carried them back over to where they were situated. "Better you than Snape, you know," she added, smirking impishly at him.

Dillingham: He tried not to let on his overwhleming joy that was a combinationing of relief and not embarrassing himself and happiness at have experienced his first non-let down.. He continued putting the books in the Shelf, smiling as he did, not letting the thought of dealing with Snape ruin it. He looked at her. "Thank you."

Tonks: "What is the occasion for the dance?" she asked him. "It has been a while since I was a student here myself, and it would be interesting to see whether things have changed at all over the years...other than some of the faculty and class offerings of course...and it is rather interesting if not also pleasing that there is a renewed interest in muggle studies..." She smirked sheepishly. "But

"But I digress....what is the occasion of the dance?"

Dillingham: "I have no idea. It seems rather random, doesn't it? I've never heard of a beginning of term dance before." He chuckled, "I'd say I was a student here about... Well... Never mind."

Tonks: "Well, I suppose things have changed around here a little. It does seem a bit random, now that I think about it, but I suppose the students won't mind it the least bit." She shrugged as she shelved the last of her books. "That didn't take as long as I thought. You didn't have to help me, you know, Professor, although I appreciate it just the same."

Dillingham: "Don't be silly. It was nice. I'm not the youngest adult anymore. I feel obligated to help the one who is." He smiled and nodded, "School is quite different."

Tonks: "It has changed...a bit. Then again, it's only been...um...uh..." She paused as she tried rather unsuccessfully to recall the number of years since she has left Hogwarts. "Cripes...my age is starting to show. At any rate, I suppose that you have other things to do, so I won't keep you here any longer than you should. In the meantime, I shall ponder this new dilemma you have presented me with...which is to find something decent to wear to this dance."

Dillingham: "Alright." He smiled politely and commented, "I'm sure you won't have too much trouble finding something decent, I mean, you can't go wrong, can you?"

Tonks: She grinned wryly and nodded at the small trunk that has not been opened yet. "All of my clothes are in there, I fear," she replied. "And a dress is not exactly a garment commonly found in my wardrobe. But I'll manage well enough, I believe."

Dillingham: He grinned, "Right, well... I'll be on my way then. I have some work to grade, after all. I'll be seeing you tomorrow. Good evening, Miss Tonks." He turned and began to leave, smiling to himself.

Tonks: She walked him to the door, taking much care not to trip over the trunks on the floor. "Goodbye for now, Professor," she said as he stepped out into the hall. "I look forward to having your company again."
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