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Casual Slytherins

Draco: Draco was lounging lazily in the Slytherin common room, flipping through pages of his journal and staring idley at everyone elses. He looked fustrated and angry as he scanned page after page of pointless ramblings of the most boring people he had ever read about. Professor Binns' class was more exciting than this.

Pansy: Pansy swept into the common room and scanned it. She saw Draco and walked right now. "Bloody boring afternoon," she said. "What do you say we get out of here?"

Draco: "Pansy." He said, not lifting his eyes from the pages, "Potter is all they bloody write about. And when they're not writing about him their writing about their so-called "boyfriends" or "girlfriends" and other pointless things of which I don't bloody care!"

Pansy: Pansy rolled her eyes. "Like you write anything better?" she asked.

Draco: "You're such a bore, Pansy." He grinned, "By the way, you're part of the problem."

Pansy: "Me?" she said, disgusted. "How am I a problem?"

Draco: "Your entries. You only talk about him and his friends. I can't be bothered to think about them all the time. It's not like I didn't get enough of that last year, they wrote about him non-stop in the paper." He dropped his head lazily and stared at the ground. "Talk about school or the dance, wont you?"

Pansy: "That dance?" Pansy said. "I'm not even going." She looked away, disgusted. "Are you?" she asked, not looking at him.

Draco: "Who are you asking? Me or the wall." He said in reference to her looking away. "Of course I'm going. And if you're not, I suppose I'll have to invite..." He stopped and shuddered at the thought of going with Millicent.

Pansy: "Of course I"m talking to you," Pansy said, turning around and finally sitting in a nearby chair. She didn't say anything for awhile, but finally asked, "Where you going to ask me?"

Draco: He nodded slightly but didn't say anything. He looked back at the journal and started flipping through pages, absent mindedly. He knew just how to play this. He was fairly certain that Pansy wouldn't pass up a chance to be courted by him. After all. Who would? So he just sat there. Waiting for her to say she'd changed her mind.

Pansy: "Well...I guess if you're going, it wouldn't be that bad..." Pansy said. Now, Pansy wasn't the sweetest girl in school, but she certainly had a little crush on Draco and was surprised to hear that he would ask her. "I guess it couldn't be too bad." She looked over at Draco, hoping he would still ask her.

Draco: "Excellent. Be ready on time, or you're going to have to meet me there because I can't be expected to wait around." He grinned, "Besides. I have a hunch that King Weasley will be asking Granger to the dance, which will make going all the more enjoyable for us, and intolerable for them. If we play it right."

Pansy: Pansy laughed. "It's going to be an interesting night." She was about to say that Harry wasn't going with Cho and that would be interesting to watch, but didn't want to anger Draco. "Are your two goons going with each other?" she asked.

Draco: "I wouldn't put it past them." He closed the journal, "Two goons make a Millicent Bulstrode. Maybe they'll take her together. Now wouldn't that be an over-sized sight?"

Pansy: Pansy laughed. Draco was always clever and it was the only thing that mader her smile or laugh. "It certainly would be interesting," she said.

Draco: "I wonder what they're doing now." Draco smirked, "Oh. Never mind. They're in the Nurse's office."

Pansy: "What did they do now?"

Draco: "They didn't do anything." said Draco menacingly, "but I needed a test subject if I was going test my Instant Wart potion. I may accidently bring some to the dance on Friday. Who knows?"

Pansy: "Should we do the mark then?" Pansy asked, excited

Draco: "There? No... Professor Snape and that idiot Professor Dillingham are chaperones. Although I'm sure Professor Dillingham is so out of touch with that wizarding world that he won't know what a Dark Mark is. I'm sure Professor Snape will. And as much as I want him to see it on Chang, I don't want him seeing you give it to her." He shrugged, "It's up to you. It'll be you who needs to worry, not me."

Pansy: Pansy blushed. Draco didn't want her to be caught! But she tried not to show her excitment. "True...I didn't think of that. Well...after then, for sure."

Draco: "I'm thinking of bringing a vial with some of the Instant Wart potion. It might happen to slip into King Weasley's cup, even." He grinned, "Who knows?"

Pansy: "What about Potter?" Pansy asked. She had to...Draco was so obsessed with getting at him the first years at Hogwarts, and suddenly it had turned to Ron.

Draco: "He'll get his." Draco muttered.

Pansy: "Let's get out of here Draco," Pansy tried again. "It's so...boring."

Draco: "Right." He groaned, "Fine." He tossed the journal at her, making sure she knew he was doing it so that he didn't hit her in the face. "Run that up to the men's dormitory and put it under my pillow, wont you?"

Pansy: "Why me?" Pansy asked, throwing the journal back at him. "Being Prefect, I have to set a good example and not go into the boys dormitory." She smirked.

Draco: He chuckled and threw it back. "Good example? Funny Pansy."

Pansy: "You have to start somewhere," she said, throwing it back again, a little harder than before.

Draco: He threw it back, as hard as she had. "Just do it."

Pansy: "Make me," Pansy said, her teeth gritted now. Why does he want me to do it? Why can't he just get up and do it?

Draco: He growled and stood up. At first he had only wanted to do it because he was tired, but when she began refusing, it was about pride. Maybe he felt as though he was suddenly losing control over things that he had so much control over before. He grumbled and stood up.

"I've had a long day, Parkinson, and you're not making it any shorter." He walked up to the Dormitory to put the journal away.

Pansy Pansy scowled and sat back in her chair, arms crossed. There were times where she thought she could be head-over-heels for Draco and other times when she wanted to slug him.

Draco: A few years ago she would have done it without asking why. He stuffed the journal under his pillow and walked back down the marble staircase.

"Where to, your majesty?"

Pansy: Pansy the last part of his question. "Well, where do you want to go?"

Draco: Draco shrugged, casually. He checked to make sure he had his wand in his robes, he never knew when he may need it. Lazily, he lifted his gaze toward Pansy. "Wherever."

Pansy: Pansy sighed. "Let's just go to the courtyard then," she said. "People are usually out there." Without seeing if he followed, Pansy headed towards the door.

Draco: With a sigh, Draco languorously followed Pansy to Courtyard, idley wondering how that would be any less boreing than the Common Room. When they had arrived, he folded his arms defiantly, "Now what?

Pansy: Pansy turned around on Draco. "I don't know," she said. "Why don't you come up with something then?"

Draco: It was difficult for Draco to enjoy anything when he had had a long day and was only able to look forward to an even longer night of Homework and deep thought. He looked at Pans, glareing in a way that seem to say 'I can't believe I let you drag me out here...'

"Been busy, have you? I hardly see you around anymore."

Pansy: "Working on that spell," she said, giving Draco the look.

Draco: "Oh." He shrugged, "seemed fine. Why are you working on it?"

Pansy: She looked at him. "Are you serious?" she said. "I've been working it to perfection so we can do this bloody idea of yours!"

Draco: "Damnit Pansy, I know that." He snapped. "I mean it seemed fine when you showed it to me, I don't see why you're still working on it."

((To be continued...))
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