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Harry Potter

Who: Cho and Harry
When: September 26th, 12:30ish... am, After the dance... Right.
Where: Between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Towers

Harry: Harry turned on his heel and began to make his way back from Ravenclaw tower... What an odd night. Well... perhaps "odd" isn't quite the word for it. More like -- "It could have gone better." Yeah.

Cho said she'd save a dance for him but he hardly saw her at the dance.

Harry figured that her and Michael must have had a great time.


Harry huffed moodily, bunched up his fists and stormed down the hall, nearly running straight into...

Cho: "Sorry," Cho muttered, not even looking up. She had lost track of what time it was and had just been wandering back and forth in the halls. Peeves had come and started to taunt her, but she didn't care. All she could think about was Michael and Harry. She hoped walking about would help clear her mind, but it had only made it worse. She had run out of tears long ago, but the streaks were still there on her face.

Harry: "--Cho." Harry said, a bit bewildered... "W-What happened, are you okay?" Harry glanced behind him toward the door to the Ravenclaw common room.. "Where's Michael? I thought you two would be together." It finally dawned on Harry. "Oh...
it's over between you two, isn't it?" Harry's hand pressed into his head... 'God, this is all my fault, this is all my fault..."

"This is all my fault, isn't it?" Harry paused, "I mean it is...
fault. I'm so sorry, Cho."

Cho: Cho looked up and stared. It was...him. She heard something about faults and he was sorry, but she just stared at him for some time. She shook her head to clear her mind, and pressed her hand to her head. "No, it's ok Harry," she said. "It's...it's for the best..." She really didn't think it was Harry's fault at all, but she couldn't help but choke back a sob. She regained her composure. "There were just some...things that couldn't be helped." Like you...

Harry: "'Some things' that couldn't be helped?" Harry argued... "'Some things' like me, Cho. I never should have--"

Cho: "No!" Cho said, a little too forcibly. "No. It wasn't you Harry. It was all about me. I didn't have go and ruin everything at the dance. It's just that...Draco and Pansy were getting on my nerves and I was already thinking about you..." She stopped, her eyes wide. She had said it out loud. She couldn't look at Harry. "I'm sorry," she whispered, as she sank to the floor.

Harry: Harry never knew what to do in situations like this... "Don't cry, Cho..." Harry looked around nervously... "Umm, please don't cry.(?)" It didn't seem to be helping any...

Cho: Cho shook her head and gave a pathetic laugh. "Always crying...that's how I am." She looked up at Harry and tried her best not to cry again. She leaned up against the wall and sighed. "I just hope Michael will talk to me still...although I doubt it..." Looked up at Harry once more. "How was the dance for you?"

Harry: Harry went flush... "Uhhh... it wasn't bad." He said... Harry looked her in the eye... Obviously distracted... "I just ...want... everything to be ok with you, you know..?"

Cho: Cho looked up at him. Did he really mean it? Or was he just trying to comfort her? "I'm fine," she lied. "Really." She tried her best to smile. "Things will...hopefully work out for the better, you know? Don't worry about me."

Harry: Harry looked down and shuffled his feet a bit. "Yeah... sure." He smiled weakly. "I guess you'll want to be left alone... for now anyway..."

Cho: Cho looked up. Part of her did want to be left alone, but part of her wanted to grab his hand and never let go. "You can stay," she blurted out. "I mean...if you don't have anything better to do...although, you probably do...is the dance still going on?"

Harry: Harry's heart skipped a beat and he stopped just short of walking away... "I ...can?" He said, quickly taking a seat on the floor next to her. "No, the dance just broke up actually." Nice... great choice of words, mate. "I mean, I just dropped Sylvie off, that's why I'm over on this side of the castle..." Wait... that wasn't any better! "I was wondering why you'd left before the end..." Harry grinned a little, "I thought that you may have been avoiding me or something." As the words came out, his grin faded...

Cho: Cho liked the feeling of Harry sitting next to her. It was...nice. "The dance..." she said. "I'm sorry Harry. I forgot about our dance." She smiled. "That might have made the night better."

Harry: "Really?" Harry said, perplexed. "I thought it would have made things worse..." Harry stopped and analyzed his words... "I mean, "worse" as a "whole" -- not that it would have been bad for us, yeah? Yeah... I mean... but really ...can you see where I'm trying to go with this?" because I sure as bloody hell can't.

Cho: Cho looked hurt. Did Harry not want to dance with her? "No, you're probably right...Michael might have gotten too upset about that and made things worse...as if they could get any worse..." She pulled her knees up to her chins and burried her face in her arms. Why couldn't things be simple? Why did she have to love both Michael and...Harry.

Harry: Harry could tell that Cho was still pretty upset about it all... He continued to stare down at the floor mulling over what he could possibly say to make her feel better. Trouble was, he didn't really know what he was going to say... "Oh... things could have been much worse, honestly. I mean... Well Michael must not have taken it very well.. but you were just doing what you felt was right... right?"

Cho: Cho just nodded. "I'm sure it's the right thing..." she muttered. "It has to be..." She looked over at Harry. "What do you think of it?" she blurted.

Harry: Harry thought a moment... "Well... I mean... I agree. I'm not saying that one kiss means that we're now engaged to be married or anything. But it's certainly a sign that it would be a good idea to break-up with Michael, in my mind anyhow." Harry wanted to tell her how happy he was becuase of it, he would go on and on about how he thought he might have overheard some other students talking about it at the dance and how he'd just thought it had been a rumor... But he didn't feel right doing it. He felt disgusted with himself... Dirty for even being there right then. Cho was just too vulnerable or something, she wouldn't be telling him all this if she wasn't. Harry sighed...

Cho: Cho thought of what Harry had said. He agreed...and he also mentioned the kiss. She looked over at him. Could it...could it be possible that he still liked her? So many thoughts started to run through her mind. You're all I've been thinking of lately...ever since that kiss...I still really like you...that's why I couldn't make things work out with Michael and I... Don't be stupid another voice said. You don't know if he feels the same way and you'll make him feel guilty. She sighed. "Yeah...it is for the best." She gave a weak smile. "Thanks for listening to my complaining too Harry."

Harry: "Look..." Harry said confidently, "...we're friends. It's not complaining when you just need to talk to a friend, right?" Harry got up on his feet... "Here." He said offering his hands... "Let me help you up."

Cho: "Thanks," Cho said, her spirits dropping low again. "Right," she muttered as Harry helped her up. "Friends."

Harry: Harry smiled as he brushed a little dust off of Cho's robes... "Right... you'll feel better soon enough, Cho." Harry turned to put a hand in between her shoulder blades and guided her down the hall back toward the Ravenclaw common room.

Cho: "Um, Harry?" Cho said. "I can still walk." She smiled though. "Thanks...plus, I don't think I want to go back to the room yet...I still want to...think some things out. But thanks." She turned around to look at him. She looked at him and debated on giving him a hug or not...

Harry: Well, he obviously didn't know the first thing about comforting girls... And Cho was always doing weird things like that anyway. Whatever. She didn't want to be touched, she didn't want to be touched... Fine already. "Oops, Sorry... I just thought that you wanted to get back to your room or something... I don't know.. It's kinda' late to just be out wandering... Right?" Harry looked to Cho... "Don't let Filtch or Norris catch you, okay? You'll be in detention for a week straight." Harry cared... he did really... he just didn't know how to go about it.

Cho: Cho shrugged. "Right now, I really don't care," she said. "I just...I just want to not be smothered by other people...not that you're smothering...er...I mean...that you're bothering me. I...It's nice to have you as company." She could have smacked herself. It's nice to have you as company? Smooth words Chang..."Anyway, I'm sure you want to go back to bed. I'll be fine..."

Harry: Harry thought about it... He did have a little homework to get done before bed but under normal circumstances he wouldn't have given it a second thought... "Yeah, well I guess I do have a little homework I need to get out of the way before bed so maybe I should head back." He said, motioning over his shoulder with his thumb... "You're sure you'll be okay? You know, if there's anything I can do..."

Cho: Cho nodded. She did want him to stay, but...what could she say now? "Thanks Harry," she said. "I really appreciate it." She gave him a small smile, before turning around the other way and starting to walk away.

Harry: Harry made his way back to Gryffindor Tower... His head in a daze over the events of the evening.
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