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Who: Harry | Ron | Hermione
Where: The Gyrffindor Common Room
When: Late... really late (per usual.)

Another night in Gryffindor tower and Harry couldn't sleep, (with everything he had on his mind like it was). He had to tell them...

He just couldn't deal with it alone anymore and though he wasn't sure either of them would take the news well, he couldn't keep it secret any longer. He got out of bed and gave Ron a shake...

"RON!" He whispered... "RON! Wake up mate, I need to talk, sorry - I could have picked a better time but I really need to talk right now."

Ron stirred a little but Harry wasn't sure that he'd waking up right that moment. He went to back his own bed, pulled his journal from under the mattress and wrote a quick message...

[Private to Hermione]

Hermione, you've just got to be awake right now. I need to talk to you and Ron. If you get this tonight, would you meet us down in the common room? We shouldn’t be longer than a few minutes, let's say...

Right, hope to see you down there...

[/Private to Hermione]

Harry stuffed the journal back under his mattress and went back to Ron, who had (rather obviously) not woken up yet.

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