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Hoggywarts: A Roleplay!

Hoggywarts RPG
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Plot: The Order of the Phoenix handed out journals to a select few students to keep an eye on their progress in their magic abilities in and out of school, and to make sure they're safe. Unfortunately, a few were put in the wrong hands, but it's too late for the members to get them back because everyone's going back to Hogwarts. They end up monitering many students and teachers, though they tell no one about this. So, the students happily use the journals, unaware that they're being watched the whole time.

Set in Harry's Sixth Year.

OOC community (Taken / Avaliable Character listing.)
Plot community

Hoggywarts_rpg is yet another Harry Potter RPG. Anyone is more than welcomed to join. But there are rules, so please read everything on this page before you apply. Before you start, you must be at least thirteen for the RP, due to mature content.

Rules and Regulations

1. For each house only two original chracters are allowed. So that means you can create your own character but you may have to be quick. If all of the OCs are taken when you apply, expand on one of the less mentioned characters. It will be noted when all OCs are taken.

2. NO NETSPEAK! That is an absolute must. The journals must be easy to read.

3. Good grammar and spelling. Grammar does not need to be perfect, but do try to the best of your abilities.

4. When you join this RPG you must have good participation. You must update your journal at least one time a week or more.

5. There is no AIM requirement. RPs between two characters can go a lot faster with it, but we won't force you to get a screen name for your character. AIM logs, closed RPs and open RPs should be posted in the main community. Really go at it. Angst, drama, heartbreak, evil plotting, etc., means a good plot!

6. All RPs have to be rated for violence or shagging or swearing. eg. G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17. You must be mature about this. NC-17 RPs should be few. They must be important to the plot.

7. Slash and femmeslash are welcome, but don't overuse it.

8. Get to know who you are playing with: what they are like, dicuss plot ideas together, become friends.

9. If someone strikes something out, like this, that means that you can read it OOC but not IC, It should appear as a scribble on the page... so try to keep that in mind. Your character would notice a scribble but that's all.

10. You have the ability to ward or hex your entry (or part of your entry) private or "For So and so only..." Otherwise they're magical journals that, surprisingly enough, work an awful lot like Live Journals... The resemblance is uncanny! Meaning that everyone can read anyone's entries. Try to keep completely private entries to a minimum.

11. The last and final rule is: HAVE FUN! RPG's are fun and we can show our love for Harry Potter. Create drama, play fair, and keep in character!

A bit about this RP: This RP is moderated by two people, swgirl_15 (Sarah) and ooc_post (mike). Mike can be contacted at rubbish crucio over AIM and Sarah can be contacted at lovingangel1000.

In this RPG there will be social events, costume parties, you name it. It's just like your ordinary school only it's magical!


<b>Name of Character:</b>
<b>House (or former house):</b>
<b>Year (If applicable):</b>
<b>Blood lineage:</b>
<b>Email Address:</b>

(Just copy/paste this form, fill it out in your new character's journal and post it in the ooc community.)